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Greek into Arabic on iTunes U

Greek into Arabic wishes to introduce itself to other projects, universities and colleges through iTunesU.

Visit Greek into Arabic’s iTunes site - iTunesU

To find us: Follow the direct link above, or select "iTunes U" within the iTunes Store and then search for Università di Pisa under "Universities and colleges".

From Greek into Arabic’s new iTunesU site you can:

  • Download courses, lectures, interviews and much more
  • Play Greek into Arabic podcasts and video on Mac, iPod, PC or iPhone

iTunes U is a community of universities providing free material to the world, so that any audience can access the learning and research material provided.

What is Greek into Arabic on iTunes U? Greek into Arabic on iTunes U gives you access to a wide range of audio and video content, Apple’s popular media distribution platform iTunes University.

What can you expect to find? The goal for placing material on iTunes U is to show our research results. It includes news, public lectures, and research. The material from Greek into Arabic  will consist of videos presenting the project, interviews with researchers, videos from events such as our Annual Workshop. A number of open lectures will also be ready for download.

How You Download Content From iTunesU:
You will need to install iTunes (it’s free) on your computer (either Mac or PC)
Download iTunesU from Apple

Now Available: GALex, 10 >
< Now available in print: Studia graeco-arabica