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09.05.2011 By: Nilda Ruimy (ILC/CNR, Pisa)

SIMPLE model for "Greek into Arabic"

SIMPLE model, the current standard for computational lexicons, is being re-implemented for "Greek into Arabic"

Since March 2010, the CNR-ILC Institute has partecipated in a PRIN (MIUR-funded) research project named A digital edition of Ferdinand de Saussure’s manuscripts, to which it contributes along two main lines of activity: the design of a component of computational philology and the development of an electronic thesaurus-lexicon of the Saussurian linguistic terminology.

The theoretical and representational framework on which the Saussure’s terminological lexicon is grounded is the SIMPLE model, which has allowed building large electronic lexical databases for 12 European languages, and it is therefore acknowledged as a de facto standard for computational lexicons. This lexical semantic model was designed with a view to answer the requirements of genericity and flexibility that ensure a large-scale reusability. It lends itself to the addition of a multilingual component, as well as to extensions and domain-specific customizations.

In the framework of the Greek into Arabic ERC project, the SIMPLE model was adopted for the semantic structuring and description of a core of relevant Arabic terms selected from the pseudo-Theology of Aristotle. The lexicon management tool is currently being re-implemented using up-to-date Software Engineering approaches and tools in order to increase its performance, robustness and easiness of maintenance and use.

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