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Author: Marenbon J.
Title: Aristotelian logic, Platonism, and the context of early medieval philosophy in the West
City: Great Britain – USA
Publisher: Ashgate
Year: 2000
Series: Variorum Collected Studies Series CS696
Other: Contents: Introduction; A survey and a catalogue: Medieval Latin commentaries and glosses on Aristotelian logical texts, before c. 1150 A.D., with a revised working catalogue;The Carolingian period: Carolingian thought; Alcuin, the Council of Frankfurt and the beginnings of medieval philosophy; John Scottus and the ‘Categoriae Decem’; Wulfad, Charles the Bald and John Scottus Eriugena; John Scottus and Carolingian theology : from the De Praedestinatione, its background and its critics, to the Periphyseon; Anselm and the early 12th century: Anselm and the early medieval Aristotle; Glosses and commentaries on the Categories and De interpretatione before Abelard; Abelard: Abelard’s concept of possibility; Abelard’s ethical theory: two definitions from the Collationes; The Platonisms of Peter Abelard; The 12th century: Vocalism, nominalism and the commentaries on the Categories from the earlier 12th century; Gilbert of Poitiers (with a note on the Porretani;12th-century Platonism: old paths and new directions; Approaches to medieval philosophy: The theoretical and practical autonomy of philosophy as a discipline in the Middle Ages: Latin philosophy, 1250-1350; What is medieval philosophy?; Index.